Estate Agents Bristol - Don't miss MAYFEST 2016

Mayfest is Bristol's unique annual festival of contemporary theatre. It is dedicated to presenting a broad range of unusual, playful and ambitious work from leading theatre makers from Bristol, the UK and beyond.

Produced by MAYKin collaboration with Bristol Old Vic and works in partnership with other key arts venues across Bristol to present work in both established theatre spaces and non-theatre spaces all over the city.

For eleven days between the 12th - 22nd May, you are invited to see some of the most extraordinary theatre artists from Bristol and further afield.

Mayfest’s leaning is towards playfulness and experimentation. The programme presented bu MAYK, emerges from conversations with artists and producers, from travelling the world to find the best new theatre and performance being made, from collaborations with organisations locally and nationally.

The performances and workshops are held in theatres and non-theatre spaces across the city. From pubs and clubs to community centres and libraries, from theatres and galleries to streets and woods; the city of Bristol is a playground during Mayfest.

For a full programme listing of dates and events go to MAYFEST PROGRAMME 2016

If you don't think you'll be able to make it to one of the exciting performances in person, you can keep up to date and catch the vibe by listening to MAYFEST RADIO Live from 12pm on 12th May, you can listen to music, soundbites and tasters of all of the shows. Plus chats with the artists who are stepping onto Bristol’s stages during the festival.

Quotes from The Guardian for previous Mayfests...

"Mayfest is the place to see work that pushes hard at what theatre can be" 

"A mix of work so tasty it makes you want to up sticks and move to Bristol permanently" 

Posted on Tuesday, May 3, 2016