Traditional Verses Online Estate Agents and How Boardwalk Has the Best of Both Worlds

There is quite a lively debate raging within the property world regarding the merits of traditional high street agencies versus internet based estate agents. Below we have outlined some of the major differences, myths of online agents and how at Boardwalk we sit in the middle giving you the best of both worlds, traditional and online based service. We provide you with low cost fees and a friendly professional service.

Online agents are cheap but charge up front costs. It is true opting for an online agent rather than a high street one could save the average homeowner over £3,000 in estate agency costs however one of the main arguments in favour of using a local agent is they charge nothing upfront. Therefore if you don’t secure a buyer or decide to withdraw your property from the market, you are not left out of pocket. However at Boardwalk we have competitive low fees like those of online agents but you still benefit from the service of traditional agents and don’t have to pay anything up front.

You have to conduct your own viewings with online agents. In most cases, yes with online agents they arrange viewings on your behalf but the seller must conduct viewings. In our busy working lives this can be a hard thing to manage and fit into your schedule. However at Boardwalk we aren’t one of those cases, we provide a service with both on site valuations and accompanied viewings so need to worry if you’re not around.

High street agents have more knowledge of the local area and properties. The majority of online agents cover the whole of the UK and the downside of being national is no focus on a particular geographical area resulting in limited local knowledge and expertise. Typical high street agents tend to market and research properties specifically for the area their office is based. At Boardwalk we aren’t a national online agent but rather local and city focused. We have three offices and cover all of the Bristol area. Our property consultants also are well equipped to inform you on any local information from recommended schools and restaurants to trending house prices and market competition.

How will people find my property if I use an online agent?Like high street agents, online agents use Zoopla, Right move and other property portals to market  property. So while people won’t find your photo in a high street agents’ window as they go for a Sunday stroll, serious buyers will regularly check the portals. As the days of window shopping for property in an agent’s windows are fast fading with the majority of people looking to buy using the internet as their first point of call, more and more vendors are seeking agents that provide them with the best online coverage.

Research recently conducted by Halifax discovered that over the last five years, 62% of people who purchased property started their search using the internet. They predict that over the next five years, 80% of people looking to purchase property will begin their search online. Due to this increase and their very nature, the majority of internet agencies have comprehensive marketing coverage on various these property portals. Usually the advertising coverage given by an online agent will far exceed that to be expected on the high street and at Boardwalk we are no exception. We invest in extensive online coverage to reach the maximum number of potential buyers giving you best interest.

At Boardwalk we pride ourselves in offering the best of both worlds. We are a Bristol estate agents with traditional service so you can pay less and still receive more. Not having an expensive, unnecessary shop front means we can be the cheapest estate agents in Bristol.

Posted on Friday, September 18, 2015