Why Our Location Is Best To Cover All of Bristol

At Boardwalk we have three offices located in Harbourside, Clifton and our main office in Henleaze which enables us to cover all of Bristol.

We pride ourselves in being a Bristol estate agent that isn’t national focused but rather local providing you with all the need to know information and knowledge of different areas in Bristol. Situated in Henleaze we are a short drive to properties within the city centre and also those bordering the outskirts of Bristol. Whether your property is located in central Clifton or on the edge in Filton we would be happy to help and provide you with the same excellent service.

If you are buyer looking for property but unsure which specific area of Bristol you would like to settle then that’s where our property consultants are able to assist. A bonus to covering all of Bristol means you don’t have to be signed up with several estate agents receiving phone calls day and night for all different areas but rather find all you need at one, Boardwalk. Even if we don’t have anything to match your exact requirements we can register your details and be in touch as soon as something comes available.

Using Boardwalk whether a buyer or seller means you will have excellent, friendly service across all of Bristol.  If you would like to see some of the areas we have recently sold property then have a look on our website for more details.

Not having an expensive, unnecessary shop front means we can be the cheapest estate agents in Bristol.

Posted on Friday, September 18, 2015